Piston Cup and Hydraulic Seal Replacement

Piston Cup and Hydraulic Seal ReplacementA great tool for lowering production costs while increasing longevity, Piston Cups can be attached to piston heads, rams or plungers and are useful in both hydraulic and pneumatic applications. For their low price they are very resilient and adaptable and usable in a wide range of applications, though they are best utilized at lower pressures, particularly those under 150 psi. There are a few different types available. B cups can be used to seal air, oil and water equally well, whereas T cups are suited to more corrosive chemicals. Available in a wide range of materials, they have many applications and are good, dependable products which are available cheaply.

The composition of a piston cup is highly significant for the device to function properly. Different applications require different materials. As such, Bergman Specialty Products stocks a large range of materials which can be used for divergent applications and usages. We offer excellent materials like Buna, neo/fab, Viton, Urethan and Teflon, just to name a few. Don’t worry yourself over prototype builds, or agonize over selecting the right seal in the right material with the right specifications. Just tell us the nature of your application, and we’ll find you the perfect product every time. Contact us today so that we can begin locating or constructing the exact product you need. Here at Bergman Specialty Products, your contentment is our highest priority.

  • We offer a large variety of vee-sets in a huge range of materials like Buna, neo/fab, Viton, Urethan and Teflon.
  • We are able to match whatever sizing options your intended application would require, including both metric and standard sizes.
  • Our prices are greatly superior to those of our competition, guaranteed.
  • Our customer service representatives are friendly and highly knowledgeable.
  • We stock only the finest items in the most trusted brand names available.
  • We offer expert installation and repair services.
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